What is the CaravanFM Safety Coin Program?

Written on:February 27, 2017
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CaravanFM Safety Coin Program

In order to encourage and promote safety, Caravan created the Safety Coin Program.  The purpose of the Safety Coin is to provide employees with a constant physical reminder to work safe and assume ownership for your own safety.  It is something that you can pick up every morning, put in your pocket each day and put on your dresser every night, prompting you to be safe at work and at play.

What does it mean to be safe at work?  Among other things, your aim should be to follow company safety policies and procedures, including:

  • Follow the safe work practices that are part of all Standardized Work
  • Plan for safety by completing Pre-Task Plans when necessary
  • Report all incidents and near misses immediately
  • Look out for the safety of others as well as for yourself
  • Make safety personal

Work Together

A second and very important aspect of the Safety Coin Program is to promote and encourage leaders and team members to work together to improve Caravan’s safety performance

.  This occurs by enhancing relationships between leaders and workers through personal and open discussion about safety in the workplace.  Leaders are expected to engage workers in safety discussions to demonstrate their care for the workers well-being.  A typical conversation may touch on topics such as:

  • Have you observed any conditions in your facility that represent hazards to yourself or others?
  • Have you been hurt, or how could you be hurt while doing your day-to-day job?
  • Are you taking special precautions when completing high risk tasks, i.e. lockout energy control, confined space entry, or work at heights?

Employee Reward

The final intent of our Safety Coin Program is to reward employees for working safe, taking the time to talk with leaders and safety representatives and embracing the program by consistently having their safety coin with them.  This component is fulfilled by awarding team members with a $5 gift card to a local sandwich shop or restaurant if they have their safety coin with them when the discussion takes place.  Thousands of gift cards have already been awarded.  Please keep your safety coin with you, and continue to work safe, to have a chance at a gift card.


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2016 Annual Safety Incentive Winners

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