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Written on:September 25, 2017
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Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers

Accidental fires are an unusual occurrence in most workplaces. The U.S. has the highest number of fatalities every year due to house fires. Every 23 seconds somewhere in the U.S. a fire department responds to a fire. In 2015, more than 3000 people died from house fires. Below are a few things to do to prevent accidental fires at work or at home:


  • Practice good workplace housekeeping. Clutter contributes to fires by providing fuel and by preventing access to exits and emergency equipment.
  • Discard all rags and waste materials that are impregnated with flammable or combustible liquids, oil, or grease in covered, self-closing metal containers.
  • Keep all waste paper, cardboard, and similar combustible materials cleaned up and placed in designated waste receptacles.
  • Smoke only in designated areas. Always dispose of butts in designated receptacles.


  • Don’t overload electrical outlets in the home or business.
  • Keep portable heaters away from curtains and furniture. (Turn off when leaving!!)
  • Install and maintain Smoke Detectors on every floor. (Check Regularly!!)
  • Complete regular cleaning of you dryer vent. Excess lint build-up causes fires!!
  • Maintain or replace damaged extension cords that can cause excess heat or sparks.

Fire extinguisher usage is determined by the type of fire, which in turn determines the extinguishing agent to be used.

To effectively use a fire extinguisher, remember to use the P-A-S-S method as illustrated and explained here.

Planning for safety makes all the difference.  A Pre-Task Plan can save your life!

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