At Caravan, we understand how important a safe, clean, reliable and efficient facility is to the success of your pharmaceutical, biopharma or medical device company. Many life sciences facilities struggle with lowering the cost of their facilities operations without sacrificing the quality, compliance and safety of their work or production environment. We’re committed to providing self-performance delivery and management for all of your facility needs. Instead of trying to manage multiple suppliers, you can rely on us to align your facility standards and services across sites and portfolios to create value for your organization. Our goal to provide self performing management for all of your facility needs.

Services We Offer

  • Integrated Facility Management

  • Janitorial for both non-regulated
    and regulate GMP spaces

  • Hard & Soft Services

  • Asset Management Playbook

  • Engineering Services

  • Business Support Services

Benefits of a Qualified
Facilities Management Partner

At Caravan, we care deeply care about the success and well-being of our clients. When you choose us to manage your life science facility, you’re not only getting peace of mind, but benefits like:

  • Improved asset reliability
  • Improve workplace experience for employees
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Lower total cost of operations
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Maximized staff productivity
Caravan FM - Industries, Life Sciences Partners

“Caravan supported the start-up and operation of Ventec (Ventilators/Respirators), during the Covid pandemic when there was a shortage of ventilators at hospitals across the US.  Our on-site operations team jumped into action when Ventec was awarded an emergency contract from the Federal Government in March of 2020 to build 1,000’s of ventilators to meet the crisis. ” 

Plant Manager

Our Awards & Certificates

At Caravan, safety and quality are our overriding priorities, and we’re continuously evaluating and improving our standards. We are proud to be the recipients of the Top Shop Award. This award exemplifies excellence in service delivery to support our manufacturing process.
We’re also proud to be certified by the following organizations:

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