When it comes to your manufacturing facilities, the safety, availability and reliability of your facilities directly impacts your employees, customers and bottom line.
At Caravan, it’s our goal to support your production goals by ensuring your manufacturing facilities are productive and efficient environments for your employees. From production line cleaning to technical maintenance, we’ll handle all of your manufacturing support needs, ensuring that no matter what kind of manufacturing facility (or facilities) you have, everything runs smoothly, and products get shipped on time.

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The Manufacturing
Support Services We Offer:

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Paint Booth Maintenance

  • MOV Fleet Maintenance

  • Production Support Maintenance

  • Waste Management

  • Equipment Relocation

  • Project Management

*This is not an extensive list of the services we provide. To see an extensive list of the services we provide, reach out to us.

Benefits of Manufacturing Support Services

When you let us support your janitorial, maintenance and overall facilities management needs, we can help:

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Reduce Costs

By leveraging the maintenance strategy, resulting in the elimination of unscheduled downtime and allowing equipment to operate at a higher level of efficiency.

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Boost employee productivity

By providing a clean, healthy and safe environment.

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Maintain reliability

By supporting your facilities and production team, so your production lines remain available and reliable to meet customer and business goals.

Our Commitment to Operational Excellence

At Caravan, delivering excellence means providing safe and quality services to all of our customers, all of the time. We do this by maintaining our safety certifications and by consistently improving our processes, procedures and technology. We also audit our work through our FM-Q platform to ensure we are delivering high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.

“CaravanFM, our FM provider, has successfully deployed and implemented our technology platform within our complex manufacturing environment which yielded improved service response, lowered service cost and increased KPI’s.”

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Our Awards & Certificates

At Caravan, safety and quality are our overriding priorities, and we’re continuously evaluating and improving our standards. We are proud to be the recipients of the Top Shop Award. This award exemplifies excellence in service delivery to support our manufacturing process.
We’re also proud to be certified by the following organizations:

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