February 2016 Safety Incentive Program Winners

Written on:February 29, 2016
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Congratulations to our February 2016 winners of the Safety Incentive Program, each earning themselves $125 gift cards for working safe.
Corey Miller – Sahasa Realty Company
Denis Crowley – GM Ardsley Training Center
Robert Garza – Plastic Omnium/Inergy Adrian
Joseph Danna – Sterling Stamping


Pictured Top L to R: Corey Miller (Sahasa Realty Company); Denis Crowley (GM Ardsley Training Center) Pictured Bottom L to R: Kevin Schlaire, Robert Garza (Plastic Omnium/Inergy Adrian); Joseph Danna, Jo Lawrence (FCA Sterling Stamping)

Also, each month our traveling safety meeting visits a different location and at the end picks 3 winners at random for a $25 gift card. This month our safety meeting was held at the Ford R&E Center and the winners were: Alicia Kemp, Tywon Ragland, and Ann Jackson


Pictured Top L to R: Alicia Kemp, Lucretia Awad, Jon Luke, and Ann Jackson Pictured Bottom L to R: Tywon Ragland and Rob Moutoux

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