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Written on:September 19, 2013
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WORKERS2Here is another job well done by Caravan Employees, this time at the Chrysler Warren Truck Assembly Plant. Chrysler was planning a rehab project on the “Orange Room”. Caravan Supervisor Jeff Hairston was asked if he could help clean the room and prepare it for renovations. He immediately assembled a crew and got to work. They removed all of the desks, debris, chairs, boxes after boxes, wood boards, and anything else that needed to be trashed or moved somewhere else. This has been a two day project and as they tear down more walls, there will be more to take out and get rid of. Their speed and efficiency will help this project proceed without delays. Great job to the whole team. Your hard work is appreciated.

Pictured (L to R): Thaddeus Robbinson, Jeff Hairston (supervisors) Parnell Seldon, Chris Mathews.

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