January 2016 Safety Incentive Winners

Written on:February 1, 2016
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Pictured top L to R: Patrick Cohee, Corine Warwick, Teresa Griffith, and Roland Lizotte Jr. Pictured middle L to R: Latonia Metcalf and Jawantt Price Pictured bottom L to R: Nick Gallina, Gloria Whitfield-Garland, Ron Young, Vicki Brown, Les Childress, and Cynthia Amick

Congratulations to the January winners of the Safety Incentive Program: Corine Warwick (GMCH Kokomo); Roland Lizotte Jr. (FCA Boston PDC); Latonia Metcalf (Hi Tech Molding and Engineering); Jawantt Price (US Facilities Brookhaven) and winners from the Traveling Corporate Safety Meeting (Held this month at FCA Sterling Stamping): Gloria Whitfield-Garland, Vicki Brown, and Cynthia Amick.


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