Whether you are managing multiple offices or a manufacturing plant, our goal is to provide quality business support services that ensure your employees always have the things they need at their disposal to remain productive at their job. From ensuring that copy paper is always stocked to making sure packages are shipped on time, our goal is to help end users in any workspace be more productive because of the services we provide.

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Support Services:

*This is not an extensive list of the services we provide. To see an extensive list of the services we provide, reach out to us.

Benefits of Business Support Services

When you choose to partner with us to provide your business support services, you’ll notice benefits like:

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You’ll no longer have to worry about stocking up on copy paper or ensuring that the audio visuals are working for that important meeting.

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Employee productivity

Instead of focusing on a flickering light or the space temperature, your employees can focus on their work, allowing them to be more productive.

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Cost Saving

Save money with one business support services partner, rather than multiple contractors or employees

Our Commitment to Operational Excellence

At Caravan, delivering excellence means providing safe and quality services to all of our customers, all of the time. We do this by maintaining our safety certifications and by consistently improving our processes, procedures and technology. We also audit our work through our FM-Q platform to ensure we are delivering high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.

Optimizing Workflow Management

At Caravan, one of the key benefits that we provide is optimizing workflow management to meet our clients’ scope of work with the appropriate service levels and KPI’s. Our process includes a few simple steps:

  1. A client or client employee places a service request to the customer service center via:
    • Online portal
    • Phone
    • Text
    • Customer Service Center Operatives
  2. After the request has been submitted, the request will be received and assessed by the Caravan operations team. The request will be entered into the CMMS, then receive a classification which ensures the appropriate service level agreement, associated parts and instruction are associated with that request. Once the request has received proper classification, a Caravan service person will be dispatched via our hand-held service device to begin to work on the order.
  3. Next, a Caravan employee or subcontractor will complete the work and close out the work order in the CMMS, which will notify the customer service center that the work has been completed.
  4. Lastly, Caravan’s customer service center operatives will organize information for real time reporting and cost accounting. Once that information is synthesized, Caravan will follow up with the client to validate they are satisfied with the outcome.

“CaravanFM’s support services team always goes above and beyond to ensure our team’s needs are met, and at times is ahead of the game and takes care of things before they know we need them.”

Customer Property Manager

Our Awards & Certificates

At Caravan, safety and quality are our overriding priorities, and we’re continuously evaluating and improving our standards. We are proud to be recognized as MLB’s Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner.
We’re also proud to be certified by the following organizations:

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