When it comes to managing your facilities, ensuring that your facility assets and systems are maintained and running safety and efficiently is paramount.
At Caravan, we not only have the experience to manage any type of technical system, but we also have the ability to customize our solutions depending on the size of your company, types of assets and your specific facility needs. When you choose Caravan to operate your facilities, you’re not only getting peace of mind that your technical systems are running safely and consistently, but you’re also optimizing the total cost of your systems’ operation, saving money.

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The Technical Facilities

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Benefits of Technical Services

Ensuring that your mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are running safely at peak efficiency results in benefits like:

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You never have to worry about your facility’s systems going down and disrupting the workplace.

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We ensure that all of your technical assts and systems are up-to-code and running safely, including life safety systems, elevators, doors/gates and more.

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Cost Optimization

When you have a trusted partner overseeing and maintaining your technical assets and systems, it increases the lifespan of your equipment and systems and lowers total cost of operations.

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Improve asset availability and reliability

With a defined maintenance strategy, facility assets and systems will be prioritized based upon age, criticality, safety and environmental compliance. We will determine the frequency of predictive and preventative maintenance task dependent on the factors listed.

Our Commitment to Operational Excellence

At Caravan, delivering excellence means providing safe and quality services to all of our customers, all of the time. We do this by maintaining our safety certifications and by consistently improving our processes, procedures and technology. We also audit our work through our FM-Q platform to ensure we are delivering high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.

Defining the Optimal
Maintenance Strategy

Designing the optimal maintenance strategy for facilities is seen as one of the best ways to improve productivity, safety and equipment downtime, as well as reduce total cost of operations. U.S facility and production owners lose over $647 billion* every year due to equipment downtime, which then carriers over to loss of productivity, bottom-line impact to the company and potential customer satisfaction impact.

Several factors need to be considered when developing an effective maintenance strategy:

  1. Understanding the mission of the facility.
  2. Understanding the criticality and condition of equipment, systems and assets that support the mission of the facility.
  3. Prioritizing the equipment, systems and assets, based upon business disruption cost and cost to repair or replace the asset.
  4. Systematically applying preventative, predictive or proactive maintenance strategies to each asset.
  5. Monitoring asset condition and performance based upon manufacture recommendations and ASHRAE Asset Life Cycle.

There are several benefits to implementing an optimal strategy, including:

  1. Reduced or eliminated unplanned downtime (unplanned failures cost 5x’s more than planned repairs)
  2. Reduced operating costs —up to 25%
  3. Improved operational and employee productivity
  4. The ability to be more strategic with capital budgets
  5. Reduced energy consumption
  6. Improved customer satisfaction levels

*Source: ASHRAE

Aligning Facility Asset
Management Playbook with Organizational Goals

The key to an effective playbook is understanding the mission of the business and the assets that support that mission.

To do that, we first have to understand the equipment, assets and systems that enable the facility to operate effectively. Our second priority is to align the maintenance plan with the capital plan. When these two plans are aligned, it enables the Asset Management Lifecycle Program to create opportunities for clients to make more informed decisions regarding four facility budget categories:

  • Capital Budget
  • Maintenance & Operations Budget
  • Repair Budget
  • Energy Budget

By leveraging the various elements of the above plans and budgets, facility and financial leaders can expect to optimize their budgets and improve the overall asset lifecycle, which will reduce maintenance and operations costs while optimizing the capital budget.

Facilities Management Playbook Flowchart

“The Plant Leadership were impressed with your facility skilled trades team and on-site facility managers with their efficiency and coordination for the production power maintenance shut down project.”

Building Manager

Our Awards & Certificates

At Caravan, safety and quality are our overriding priorities, and we’re continuously evaluating and improving our standards. We are proud to be the recipients of the Best in Service Award—Big Three Automotive OEM Sustainable Workplaces Team.
We’re also proud to be certified by the following organizations:

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