May 2017 Safety Program Winners

Written on:May 31, 2017
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Safety Is Our Overriding Priority

Congratulations to the May 2017 Safety Incentive Program and Management Review Meeting winners.

Safety Incentive Program:

Tameka Johnson (AK Steel – Dearborn)
Christopher Smith (GM Grand Rapids Components)
Jason Smedley (FCA Winchester PDC)
Brandi Cheek (GM Kokomo Components)

Management Review Meeting – GM Fort Wayne Assembly:

Jesse Stafford
Dianne Young-Baker
Rolanda White

Learn more about our Safety Program.

Caravan Facilities Management - Safety Incentive Program Winners - May 2017

Safety Incentive Program Winners (Pictured Top L to R): Tameka Johnson (AK Steel – Dearborn); Christopher Smith (GM Grand Rapids Components); (Pictured Bottom L to R) Brandi Cheek with Shawn Gunderson (GM Kokomo Components); Jason Smedley (FCA Winchester PDC)

Caravan Facilities Management - Management Review Meeting Winners - May 2017

Management Review Meeting Winners (GM Fort Wayne Assembly): Justin Browning with Rolanda White; Jesse Stafford and Julie Egan; Roger Sierra, Dianne Young-Baker, Justin Browning

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